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Laboratory bioassays and field-cage trials of Metarhizium spp. isolates with field-collected Mormon crickets (Anabrus simplex), Chad A. Keyser, Éverton K. K. Fernandes, Drauzio E. N. Rangel, R. Nelson Foster, Larry E. Jech, K. Chris Reuter, Lonnie R. Black, Stefan Jaronski, Darl D. Flake II, Edward W. Evans, and Donald W. Roberts; BioControl


Hosts, Nesting Behavior, and Ecology of Some North American Spider Wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae), II, Frank E. Kurczewski, Glavis B. Edwards, and James P. Pitts; Southeastern Naturalist


To stress or not to stress: Physiological responses to tetrodotoxin in resistant gartersnakes vary by sex, Lorin A. Neuman-Lee, Edmund D. Brodie Jr., Tyler Hansen, Edmund D. Brodie III, and Susannah S. French; Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology


Establishing Peach Trees for Organic Production in Utah and the Intermountain West, Jennifer R. Reeve, C. M. Culumber, Brent Black, Andrew Tebeau, Corey Ransom, Diane Alston, M. Rowley, and Thor Lindstrom; Scientia Horticulturae


More New Records of Spider Wasps from Colombia (Hymenoptera, Pompilidae), Cecilia Waichert, Fernando Fernández, Valentina Castro-Huertas, Juanita Rodriguez, and James P. Pitts; ZooKeys


Historical precipitation predictably alters the shape and magnitude of microbial functional response to soil moisture., C. Averill, B. G. Waring, and C. V. Hawkes; Global Change Biology

Stream-Lake Interactions: Effects on Stream Ecosystem Structure and Function, Michelle A. Baker, C D. Arp, K J. Goodman, A M. Marcarelli, and W A. Wurtsbaugh; Streams in a Changing Environment


Effect of heat stress and oil formulation on conidial germination of Metarhizium anisopliae s. s. on tick cuticle and artificial medium, Lucas P. Barreto, Christian Luz, Gabriel M. Mascarin, Donald W. Roberts, Walquiria Arruda, and Everton K.K. Fernandes; Journal of Invertebrate Pathology

Molecular and biochemical characterization of insecticide resistance in phlebotomus and Lutzomyia sand flies, Scott A. Bernhardt, D. S. Denlinger, J. Creswell, and Z. Gompert; International Symposium on Phlebotomite Sandfiles IX


Diagnostic Doses and Times for Phlebotomus papatasi and Lutzomiya longipalpis Sand Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phleboominae) Using the CDC Bottle Bioassay to Assess Insecticide Resistance, David S. Denlinger, Joseph A. Creswell, J. Laine Anderson, Connor K. Reese, and Scott A. Bernhardt; Parasites & Vectors

Biology and management of billbugs (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in turfgrass, Madeleine M. Dupuy and Ricardo A. Ramirez; Journal of Integrated Pest Management


Beyond the urban stream syndrome: organic matter budget for diagnostics and restoration of an impaired urban river, Dave M. Epstein, Julia E. Kelso, and Michelle A. Baker; Urban Ecosystems

Beyond the Urban Stream Syndrome: Organic Matter Budgets for Diagnostics and Restoration of an Impaired Urban River, Dave M. Epstein, Julia E. Kelso, and Michelle A. Baker; Urban Ecosystems


Diet and Foraging Behaviors of Timber Rattlesnakes, Crotalus Horridus, in Eastern Virginia, Scott M. Goetz, Christopher E. Petersen, Robert K. Rose, John D. Kleopfer, and Alan H. Savitzky; Journal of Herpetology


A Continuous Correlated Beta Process Model for Genetic Ancestry in Admixed Populations, Zachariah Gompert; PLoS ONE


What, if anything, are hybrids: enduring truths and challenges associated with population structure and gene flow, Zachariah Gompert and C. Alex Buerkle; Evolutionary Applications


Prenataland Newborn Immunoglobulin Levels from Mother-Child Pairs and Risk of AutismSpectrum Disorders, Judith K. Grether, Paul Ashwood, Judy Van de Water, Robert H. Yolken, Meredith C. Anderson, Anthony T. Torres, Jonna B. Westover, Thayne Sweeten, Robin L. Hansen, Martin Kharrazi, and Lisa A. Croen; Frontiers in Neuroscience


Metabolism, Gas Exchange, and Carbon Spiraling in Rivers, Robert Ogden Hall, Jennifer L. Tank, Michelle A. Baker, Erin R. Hotchkiss, and Emma J. Rosi-Marshall; Ecosystems

Contrasting Soil Nitrogen Dynamics Across a Montane Meadow and Urban Lawn in a Semi-Arid Watershed, Steven J. Hall, Michelle A. Baker, Scott B. Jones, John M. Stark, and David R. Bowling; Urban Ecosystems


Convergence in Nitrogen Deposition and Cryptic Isotopic Variation Across Urban and Agricultural Valleys in Northern Utah, Steven J. Hall, E M. Ogata, Samantha R. Weintraub, Michelle A. Baker, James R. Ehleringer, C I. Czimczik, and David R. Bowling; Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences

Stream Water Nitrogen Inputs Reflects Groundwater Across a Snowmelt-Dominated Montane-to-Urban Watershed, Steven J. Hall, Samantha R. Weintraub, David Eiriksson, Paul D. Brooks, Michelle A. Baker, Gabriel J. Bowen, and David R. Bowling; Environmental Science and Technology


Importance of Heat and Pressure for Solubilization of Recombinant Spider Silk Proteins in Aqueous Solution, Justin Jones, Thomas Harris, Paula F. Oliveira, Brianne Bell, Abdulrahman Alhabib, and Randolph V. Lewis; International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Managing the spread of alfalfa stem nematodes (Ditylenchus dipsaci): the relationship between crop rotation periods and pest re-emergence, S. Jordan, C. Nischwitz, R. A. Ramirez, and L. Gordillo; Natural Resource Modeling

Perspectives on the global disparity in ecological science., G. Livingston, B. G. Waring, L. F. Pacheco, L. Gilbert, D. Buchori, Y. Jiang, and S. Jha; BioScience


System-Aware Smart Network Management for Nano-Enriched Water Quality Monitoring, Bassem Mokhtar, Mohamed Azab, Nader Shehata, and Mohamed Rizk; Journal of Sensors


Association of the female of Perdita (Xeromacrotera) cephalotes (Cresson), and a replacement name for Perdita bohartorum Parker (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae), Zach Portman, Terry L. Griswold, and James P. Pitts; Zootaxa


Herbivore density mediates the indirect effect of herbivores on plants via induced resistance and apparent competition, Ricardo A. Ramirez and Micky D. Eubanks; Ecosphere

Thermotolerance of germlings and mycelium of the insect pathogenic fungus Metarhizium spp. and mycelial recovery after heat stress, D. E. N. Rangel, E.K. K. Fernandes, S. J. Dettenmaier, and D. W. Roberts; J. Basic Microbiol

Forest composition modifies effects of litter chemistry on decomposition in regenerating tropical dry forests., E. M. Schilling, B. G. Waring, and J. S. Powers; Oecologia


Fluorescent nanocomposite of embedded ceria nanoparticles in crosslinked PVA electrospun nanofibers, Nader Shehata, Soha Gaballah, Effat Samir, Aya Hamed, and Marwa Saad; Nanomaterials


Stoichiometry of microbial carbon useefficiency in soils, R. L. Sinsabaugh, B. L. Turner, J. M. Talbot, B. G. Waring, J. S. Powers, C. R. Kuske, D. L. Moorhead, and Shah J. Follstad; Ecological Monographs


Pheromone Lure and Trap Color Affects Bycatch in Agricultural Landscapes of Utah, Lori R. Spears, Chris Looney, Harold Ikerd, Jonathan B. Koch, Terry L. Griswold, James P. Strange, and Ricardo Ramirez; Environmental Entomology

Plant-mycorrhizal interactions along a gradient of soil fertility in tropical dry forest., B. G. Waring, L. R. Rosenthal, M. G. Gei, and J. S. Powers; Journal of Tropical Ecology


Human observers differ in ability to perceive insect diversity, Joseph S. Wilson, Joshua P. Jahner, and Matthew L. Forister; Environmental Conservation


Comparing Process-Based and Constraint-Based Approaches for Modeling Macroecological Patterns, Xiao Xiao; Ecology


Genetic relationships among populations of the primary flea vector of plague to humans in the United States, J. L. Anderson, K. Gage, J. Montenieri, and Scott A. Bernhardt; Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research


Burrowing owls, Pulex irritans and plague, James R. Belthoff, Scott A. Bernhardt, Christopher Ball, Michael Gregg, David H. Johnson, Rachel Ketterling, Emily Price, and Juliette K. Tinker; Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases

Selection of Culex Pipiens and Culex tarsalis laboratory strains for resistance to methoprene, Scott A. Bernhardt and R. Keweshan; American Mosquito Control Association Conference

Molecular and physiological effects of environmental UV radiation on fungal conidia, G. U. L. Braga, D. E. N. Rangel, E. K. K. Fernandes, S. D. Flint, and Donald W. Roberts; Current Genetics

Translational Training for Tomorrow’s Environmental Scientists, Mark W. Brunson and Michelle A. Baker; Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Distribution and Habitat of Ixodes pacificus (Acari: Ixodidae) and Prevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi in Utah., Ryan S. Davis, Ricardo A. Ramirez, J. Laine Anderson, and Scott A. Bernhardt; Journal of Medical Entomology

Assessing Insecticide Susceptibility of Laboratory Lutzomyia longipalpis and Phlebotomus papatasi Sand Files (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae), David S. Denlinger, Saul Lozano-Fuentes, Phillip G. Lawyer, William C. Black IV, and Scott A. Bernhardt; Journal of Medical Entomology

Tolerance of entomopathogenic fungi to ultraviolet radiation: a review on screening of strains and their formulation, E. K. Fernandez, D. E. N. Rangel, G. U. L. Braga, and Donald W. Roberts; Current Genetics

The influence of conidial pr1 protease on pathogenicity potential of Metarhizium anisopliae senso latu to ticks, P. S. Golo, H. A. Santos, W. M. Perinotto, S. Quinelato, I. C. Angelo, M. G. Camargo, F. A. Sá, C. L. Massard, É. K. Fernandes, and Donald W. Roberts; Parasitology Research


iSAW: Integrating Structure, Actors, and Water to Study Socio-Hydro-Ecological Systems, Rebecca L. Hale, Andrea Armstrong, Michelle A. Baker, Sean Bedingfield, David Betts, Caleb Buahin, Martin Buchert, Todd Crowl, R Ryan Dupont, James R. Ehleringer, Joanna Endter-Wada, Courtney Flint, Jacqualine Grant, Sarah Hinners, Jeffery S. Horsburgh, Douglas Jackson-Smith, Amber S. Jones, Carlos Licon, Sarah E. Null, Augustina Odame, Diane E. Pataki, David Rosenberg, Madyln Runburg, Philip Stoker, and Courtenay Strong; Earth's Future

Metabolism, Gas Exchange, and Carbon Spiraling in Rivers, Robert O. Hall Jr, Jennifer L. Tank, Michelle A. Baker, Emma J. Rosi-Marshall, and Erin R. Hotchkiss; Ecosystems


Riparian Plant Isotopes Relflect Anthropogenic Nitrogen Perturbations: Robust Patterns Across Land Use Gradients, Steven J. Hall, Rebecca L. Hale, Michelle A. Baker, David R. Bowling, and James R. Ehleringer; Ecosphere


Riparian Plant Isotopes Reflect Anthropogenic Nitrogen Perturbations: Robust Patterns Across Land Use Gradients, Steven J. Hall, Rebecca L. Hale, Michelle A. Baker, David R. Bowling, and James R. Ehleringer; Ecosphere

Comparison of Single-Point and Continuous Sampling Methods for Estimating Residential Indoor Temperature and Humidity, James D. Johnston, Brianna M. Magnusson, Dennis Eggett, Scott C. Collingwood, and Scott A. Bernhardt; Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

Representativeness of single point measurements for long term residential indoor air temperature and relative humidity in arid climates, J. D. Johnston, B. M. Magnusson, D. Eggett, S. C. Collingwood, and Scott A. Bernhardt; AIHce Conference

Filtering with a Drill Pump: An Efficient and Cost Effective Method to Collect Suspended Sediment and Filtrate, Julia E. Kelso and Michelle A. Baker; Journal of the American Water Resources Association


Introduction effort, climate matching and species traits as predictors of global establishment success in non-native reptiles, Peter J. Mahoney, Karen H. Beard, Andrew M. Durso, Aimee G. Tallian, A. Lexine Long, Ryan J. Kindermann, Nicole E. Nolan, Daniel Kinka, and Harrison E. Mohn; Diversity and Distributions

Technical Basis for Utah's Nutrient Strategy. Development of Stressor-Response Models for Utah Streams, J D. Ostermiller, M Schupryt, Michelle A. Baker, B Neilson, E B. Gaddis, A J. Hobson, B Marshall, T Miller, D Richards, and N von Stackelberg


Nutrient addition effects on tropical dry forests: a mini-review from microbial to ecosystem scales., J S. Powers, K K. Becklund, M G. Gei, S B. Iyengar, R Meyer, C S. O'Connell, E M. Schilling, C M. Smith, B G. Waring, and L K. Werden; Frontiers in Earth Science

Tracking billbugs to improve IPM in Intermountain West turfgrass, R A. Ramirez and M Dupuy; International Integrated Pest Management Symposium

Stress tolerance and virulence of insect-pathogenic fungi are determined by environmental conditions during conidial formation, D. E. N. Rangal, G. U. Braga, E. K. Fernandes, C. A. Keyser, J. E. Hallsworth, and Donald W. Roberts; Current Genetics

The Varying Role of Water Column Nutrient Removal Along River Continua in Contrasting Landscapes, Alexander J. Reisinger, Jennifer L. Tank, Emma J. Rosi-Marshall, Robert O. Hall Jr, and Michelle A. Baker; Biogeochemistry


Improved Electrical Conductivity of Carbon/Polyvinyl Alcohol Electrospun Nanofibers, Nader Shehata, Nabil Madi, Mariam Al-Maadeed, Ibrahim Hassounah, and Abdullah Ashraf; Journal of Nanomaterials

Learning to love leftovers: using by-catch to expand our knowledge in entomology, L Spears and R A. Ramirez; American Entomologist

First report of invasive crane fly, Tipula oleracea, in Utah, A Van Dyke, R A. Ramirez, and B A. McGraw; Crop Forage Turfgrass Management


Molecular phylogeny and systematics of spider wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae): Redefining subfamily boundaries and the origin of the family, Cecilia Waichert, J. Rodriguez, M. S. Wasbauer, C. D. von Dohlen, and J. P. Pitts; Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society

Scale-dependent variation in nitrogen cycling and soil fungal communities along gradients of forest composition and age in regenerating tropical dry forests., B. G. Waring, R. Adams, S. Branco, and J. S. Powers; New Phytologist

Pervasive and strong effects of plants on soil chemistry: a meta-analysis of individual plant ‘Zinke’ effects., B. G. Waring, L. Alvarez-Cansino, K. Barry, K. Becklund, S. Dale, M Gei, A Keller, O Lopez, L Markesteijn, S Mangan, C Riggs, M Segnitz, S Schnitzer, and J S. Powers; Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and cation use efficiency in stands of regenerating tropical dry forest., B G. Waring, J B. Becknell, and J S. Powers; Oecologia

Short-term precipitation exclusion alters microbial responses to soil moisture in a wet tropical forest., B G. Waring and C V. Hawkes; Microbial Ecology


An Exploration into Fern Genome Space, Paul G. Wolf, Emily B. Sessa, D. Blaine Marchant, Fay-Wei Li, Carl J. Rothfels, Erin M. Sigel, Mathew A. Gitzendanner, Clayton J. Visger, Jo Ann Banks, Douglas E. Soltis, Pamela S. Soltis, Kathleen M. Pryer, and Joshua P. Der; Genome Biology and Evolution


Adaptive responses to climate change in a hibernator: ecological and evolutionary drivers of persistence, L. M. Aubry, S. S. French, C. Meier, and Scott A. Bernhardt; Research Seminar - Natural History Museum of Utah

US EPA Expert Workshop: Nutrient Enrichment Indicators in Streams, Michelle A. Baker, Candice Bauer, Max Bothwell, Don Charles, Betty Fetscher, Stuart Findlay, Terry Fleming, Steve Francoeur, Evelyn Gaiser, Jim Hagy, Anne Hershey, Lisa Huff, Ryan King, Tina Laidlaw, Mark Munn, Greg Pond, Steven Rier, Bob Sinsabaugh, A J. Smith, Nathan Smucker, Jan Stevenson, and Mike Suplee; Office of Water

Sensor drift and Predicted Calibration Intervals of Handheld Temperature and Relative Humidity Meters Under Residential Field-Use Conditions, Scott A. Bernhardt, Scott C. Collingwood, Kyle Mumford, Dennis Eggett, Brianna M. Magnusson, and James D. Johnston; Journal of Environmental Health

The value of past and future research in vector control to public heatlh - local, regional, and international strategies to reduce potential disease transmission, Scott A. Bernhardt, D. S. Denlinger, R. Keweshan, and L. Anderson; Local, regional, and international strategies to reduce potential disease transmission

Target-site insensitivity and metabolic detoxification mechanisms of insecticide resistance in Phlebotomus papatasi and Lutzomyia longipalpis sand flies, Scott A. Bernhardt, D. S. Denlinger, P. G. Lawyer, K. Saavedra-Rodriguez, S. Lozano-Fuentes, and Willaim C. Black IV; Society of Vector Ecology Conference

Evaluation of methoprene, an insect growth regulator, to potential development of resistance in Culex tarsalisa and Culex pipiens mosquitoes, Scott A. Bernhardt, R. S. Keweshan, D. S. Denlinger, and J. L. Anderson; Utah Mosquito Abatement Association Conference

Breeding System of the Threatened Endemic, Primula cusickiana var. maguirei (Primulaceae), J. B. Davidson, S. L. Durham, and P. G. Wolf; Plant Species Biology

Characterizing the molecular mechanisms of insecticide resistance in Phelbotomus papatasi and Lutzomyia longipalis and flies, D. S. Denlinger, P. G. Lawyer, K. Saavedra-Rodriguez, and Scott A. Bernhardt; ESA Pacific Branch Meeting

Exploring the Population Genetics of Independent Gametophytes of Crepidomanes intricatum (Ferrar) Ebihara & Weakley (Hymenophyllaceae) Using Genotyping-by-Sequencing, A. M. Duffy, D. Ferrar, and Paul G. Wolf; The Annual Meeting of Botanical Society of America

Further Examination of the Geographic Range of Nile's Buckwheat, Mark W. Ellis, K. E. Mock, Paul G. Wolf, S. Bardot, J. A. Walton, S. M. Kulpa, and C. A. Rowe; The Annual Meeting of Botanical Society of America


A Heterogenous Thermal Environment Enables Remarkable Behavioral Thermoregulation in Uta Stansburiana, Maria Goller, Franz Goller, and Susannah S. French; Ecology and Evolution


Production of destruxins from Metarhizium spp. fungi in artificial medium and in endophytically colonized cowpea plants, P. S. Golo, D. R. Gardner, M. M. Grilley, J. Y. Takemoto, S. B. Krasnoff, M. S. Pires, E. K. K. Férnandes, V. R. Bittencourt, and Donald W. Roberts; PLoS One

Comparison of continuous and single-point measurement of residential air temperature and relative humidity, J. D. Johnston, Scott A. Bernhardt, B. M. Magnusson, D. Eggett, and S. C. Collingwood; National Environmental Health Association Conference

Heat-induced post-stress growth delay: A biological trait of many Metarhizium isolates reducing biocontrol efficacy?, C. A. Keyser, É. K. K. Fernandes, D. E. N. Rangel, and D. W. Roberts; Journal of Invertebrate Pathology


A Samoan Hebeloma with phylogenetic ties to the western Pacific, Bradley R. Kropp; Mycologia


Schooling Increases Risk Exposure for Fish Navigating Past Artificial Barriers, Bertrand H. Lemasson, James W. Haefner, and Mark D. Bowen; PLOS ONE

Delving Into the C-Fern Genome and Euphyllophyte Evolution, D. Blaine Marchant, Emily Butler Sessa, W. Brad Barbazuk, Paul G. Wolf, Joshua Der, Pamela S. Soltis, and Douglas E. Soltis; The Annual Meeting of Botanical Society of America

Specificity of Adaptation to a Novel Host Plant be a Seed Beetle, Frank J. Messina and D. Johnson; Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata


Stem Nematode Counteracts Plant Resistance of Aphids in Alfalfa, Medicago Sativa, Ricardo A. Ramirez and Lori R. Spears; Journal of Chemical Ecology


Müllerian Mimicry as a Result of Codivergence Between Velvet Ants and Spider Wasps, Juanita Rodriguez, James P. Pitts, Carol D. von Dohlen, and Joseph S. Wilson; PLoS ONE


Genotyping-by-Sequencing for Populus Population Genomics: an Assessment of Genome Sampling Patterns and Filtering Approaches, M. Schilling, Paul G. Wolf, A. M. Duffy, H. S. Rai, C. A. Rowe, B. A. Richardson, and K. E. Mock; PloS One


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Molecular Characterization of insecticide resistance in Phlebotomus papatasi and Lutzomyia longipalpis sand flies, D. S. Denlinger, P. G. Lawyer, William C. Black IV, and Scott A. Bernhardt; American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

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Tradeoffs in microbial carbon allocation may mediate soil carbon storage in future climates., S N. Kivlin, B G. Waring, C Averill, and C V. Hawkes; Frontiers in Terrestrial Microbiology