The DifferentialGeometry package has been developed over the past 20 years by Ian M. Anderson at Utah State University in collaboration with students and colleagues. The first version was developed by Cinnamon Hillyard in 1991 as a MS thesis. The tensor package was initially developed by Charles Miller for his MS thesis. Florin Catrina and Jeffrey Humpherys initiated the LieAlgebras package. Contributions to various aspects of DifferentialGeometry have come from Sydney Chamberlin, Jamie Jorgensen, Dionisios Krongos, Charles Torre, Bryant Ward, Rebecca Whitney, and Broc Wursten,

Integration into the Maple distributed library was performed by I. M. Anderson and E. S. Cheb-Terrab.

Development and applications of DifferentialGeometry are supported in part by National Science Foundation grants OCI-1148331, DMS-071380, DMS-0410373.

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