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Weaning Calves Successfully, Clell Bagley

Yew Had Better Watch Out!, Clell Bagley and Kip Panter


10 Common Questions About Food Irradiation, Charlotte Brennand

Bleeding Air from Diesel Fuel Lines & Filters, Von Jarrett

Bovine Somatotropin in Milk, Clell Bagley and Charlotte Brennand

Buying a Used Farm Machine, Von Jarrett

Caring for Your Tires, Von Jarrett

Checklist for Used Tractors, Von Jarrett

Cold Tractor Operations, Von Jarrett

Controlling Hydraulic System Contamination, Von Jarrett

Daily Maintenance Procedure, Von Jarrett

Diesel Engines, Von Jarrett

Diesel Fuel Storage, Von Jarrett

Drain That Antifreeze, Von Jarrett

Drug Residues and Food Safety, Clell Bagley

Drug Use in Food Animals, Clell Bagley

Engine Cooling System, Von Jarrett

Engine Service Tips, Jumper Cables Used, Von Jarrett

Food Safety and the Microwave, Georgia Lauritzen

Fourteen Commandments for Tractor Operators, Von Jarrett

Fuel System Maintenance, Von Jarrett

Getting the Most Out of Your Tractor, Von Jarrett

Is There Slime in Your Fuel, Von Jarrett

Living with Fuel Contamination, Von Jarrett

Machinery Storage, Von Jarrett

Maintain Machinery in Winter, Von Jarrett

Oil Consideration to Lengthen Engine Life, Von Jarrett

Preventive Maintenance Checklist, Von Jarrett

Prolong the Life of Equipment, Von Jarrett

Radial Tractor Tires--How Good Are They, Von Jarrett

Risks in Foods - What to do About Them, Charlotte Brennand

Safe Kitchen Rules, Georgia Lauritzen

Scheduling Oil Sampling, Von Jarrett

Spark Plug Operation Selection and Maintenance, Von Jarrett

Storage of Farm Equipment, Von Jarrett

The Ten Commandments of Tractor Safety, Von Jarrett

Tractor Air Conditioning, Von Jarrett

Tractor Electrical Systems, Von Jarrett

Trouble Shooting, Von Jarrett

Tune-up and Dynamometer Testing, Von Jarrett

What You Need to Know About Retreads, Von Jarrett



Canning Guides at Altitudes of 3,000-10,000 ft., Carolyn Washburn and Kathleen Riggs