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A Campus Partnership to Foster Compliance with Funder Mandates, Jeff R. Broadbent, Andrea Payant, Kevin Peterson, Betty Rozum, and Liz Woolcott; Journal of Academic Librarianship


Title Change Characteristics of Academic and Nonacademic Serials, Mavis B. Molto; Library Resources & Technical Services



Using Pop Culture, Feminist Pedagogy, and Current Events to Help Students Explore Multiple Sides of an Argument, Dory Cochran

Our Powers Combined: Helping Students See How Writing and Research Fit Together, Dory Cochran and Sidney Horrocks; College & Research Libraries News


Enhancing Teaching & Learning: Libraries and Open Educational Resources in the Classroom, Erin L. Davis, Britt Fagerheim, Becky L. Thoms, and Dory Cochran; Public Services Quarterly

Making Strategic Decisions: Conducting and Using Research on the Impact of Sequenced Library Instruction, Kacy Lundstrom, Pamela N. Martin, and Dory Cochran; College & Research Libraries


Mitigating the Risk: Identifying Strategic University Partnerships for Compliance Tracking of Research Data and Publications, Andrea Payant, Betty Rozum, and Liz Woolcott; International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) satellite conference: Data in Libraries: The Big Picture


Populating Your Institutional Repository and Promoting Your Students: IRs and Undergraduate Research, Betty Rozum and Becky L. Thoms; Making Institutional Repositories Work


Partnering for Discoverability: Knitting Archival Finding Aids to Digitized Material Using a Low Tech Digital Content Linking Process, Liz Woolcott, Andrea Payant, and Sara Skindelien; Code{4}lib



ALA Midwinter 2015: Issues in Resource Sharing and Implementing a Tool for Tracking Electronic-resource Outages, Robert Heaton; Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship


Discussions on Technical Services Management and Data-driven E-resource Management at ALA Midwinter, Robert Heaton; Serials Review


An Information Literacy Snapshot: Authentic Assessment Across the Curriculum, W. Holliday, B. Dance, E. Davis, Britt A. Fagerheim, A. Hedrich, K. Lundstrom, and P. Martin; College and Research Libraries


We Have Only Scratched the Surface: The Role of Student Research in Institutional Repositories, Betty Rozum, Becky Thoms, Scott Bates, and Danielle Barandiaran; Creating sustainable community: The Proceedings of the ACRL 2015 Conference


Library user persona template, Mikkel Skinner and Alex Sundt

Copyright overview, Becky Thoms; Utah Library Association

Casting the players & finding our scripts: One academic library’s approach to staging OER in higher education, Becky Thoms, D. Cochran, and E. Davis; Charleston Conference

Research data management, Becky Thoms, R. Cummings, B. Fagerheim, and E. Smart; Utah Library Association

OER @ USU: A comprehensive approach, Becky Thoms and E. Davis; Utah Academic Library Consortium Professional Development Retreat

Transitioning to open educational resources, Becky Thoms and E. Davis; Empowering Teaching Exellence Conference

Laying the groundwork for a user-centered library with lean personas, Becky Thoms, E. Davis, and A. Sundt; Library and Information Technology Association

I have to do WHAT with my data?, Becky Thoms and B. Fagerheim; Training for Research Faculty Workshop Series

Open educational resources: Insights from foreign language directors, Becky L. Thoms and Joshua J. Thoms; System

Library copyright exemptions demystified: Understanding section 108, Becky Thoms, C. Myers, and N. Wise; BYU Copyright Symposium

The many faces of marketing, Becky Thoms and D. Pumphrey; Utah Library Association



Focusing on student research in the institutional repository, Danielle M. Barandiaran, Betty Rozum, and Becky L. Thoms; College & Research Library News

eResource Licensing: Who Cares?, Robert Heaton; Annual Meeting of the Utah Library Association, Sandy, UT


Librarians and Instructors Developing Student Learning Outcomes: Using Frameworks to Lead the Process, Kacy Lundstrom, Britt A. Fagerheim, and Elizabeth M. Benson; Reference Services Review

Library services & copyright, Becky Thoms and E. Davis; Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference

Library services & copyright, Becky Thoms, E. Davis, and L. Brassaw; Faculty In-Service

Copyright, Becky L. Thoms; Extension Annual Conference

Data management in libraries: Policies, training, and new ideas, Becky L. Thoms, J. Belliston, and C. Soehner; Utah Library Association Annual Meeting

Open educational resources (OER) and foreign language (FL) education: Investigating the effects of OER on FL learning and teaching, Becky L. Thoms, C. Blyth, A. Rossomondo, F. Rubio, and S. Thorne; American Association for Applied Linguistics

Librarians as partners: Strategies for systematically embedding in online course development, Becky L. Thoms, Erin Davis, J. Hill, and B. Williams; Distance Library Services


Student research in the institutional repository: The tip of the iceberg, Becky L. Thoms and Betty Rozum; Center for Women and Gender Speaker Series


The NSF/NIH Effect: Surveying the Effect of Data Management Requirements on Faculty, Sponsored Programs, and Institutional Repositories, Cheryl D. Walters; Journal of Academic Librarianship

Review of Desert: Nature and Culture by Roslynn D. Haynes, Connie Woxland; Choice

Review of Flood: Nature and Culture by John Withington, Connie Woxland; Choice


Overview on Merrill-Cazier Library Regional Campuses and Distance Education Services & Resource, Erin Davis; Presentation to non tenure-track RCDE faculty

Reaching Our Distance & Online Learners, Erin Davis; Presentation USU RCDE faculty and Staff

Creating Time for Learning: Strategies for Flipping your Library Classroo, Erin Davis and K. Lundstrom; LILAC Annual Conference

E-Learning and the Library, Erin Davis and K. Lundstrom; The Institute for E-Learning Excellence

What Can I Use? What Can’t I Use? Copyright with Online Courses, Erin Davis and Becky L. Thoms; Online webinar for USU faculty


Teaching Our Faculty: Developing Copyright and Scholarly Communication Outreach Programs, Jennifer Duncan, Susanne Clement, and Betty Rozum; Common Ground at the Nexus of Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication


Revisiting interlibrary loan best practices: still viable?, Carol Kochan and Lars Leon; Interlending & Document Supply

Clearing Up Mixed Messages in Library Instruction, K. Lundstrom and Erin Davis; Finding a Public Voice: Using Barbara Fister as a Case Study


Merging Two Academic Libraries: Finding Unity from Diversity while Maintaining Institutional Identities, Betty Rozum and Lori Brassaw; Mergers and Alliances: The Operational View and Cases (Advances in Librarianship, Volume 37)


Undergraduates and Topic Selection: A Librarian’s Role, Flora Shrode


Content and Collaboration I: A Case Study of Bringing an Institutional Repository and a University Press Together, M Spooner and Andrew Wesolek; Library Publishing Toolkit

Copyright and intellectual property, Becky L. Thoms; Emporia State University MLS Program

Copyright and teaching, Becky L. Thoms; Institute for eLearning Excellence

An institutional open access policy: How we did it, and how you can do it too, Becky L. Thoms and Andrew Wesolek; Utah Library Association Annual Meeting


Who Uses this Stuff, Anyway? An Investigation of Who Uses the DigitalCommons@USU, Andrew Wesolek; The Serials Librarian


Content and Collaboration II: Opportunities to Host, Possibilities to Publish, Andrew Wesolek and M Spooner; Library Publishing Toolkit



The Mediterranean: What, Why, and How, Richard W. Clement; Mediterranean Studies

Look Mom, My Name’s in Print! Lessons Learned from Newly Published Librarian, Erin Davis, K. Lundstrom, and P. Martin; American Library Association Conference

Publish or Perish: Honest Perspectives from Naïve Librarian, Erin Davis, K. Lundstrom, and P. Martin; Utah Library Association Conference


Letter of Information, Anne Diekema, Cheryl D. Walters, and Andrew Wesolek


Mobile Technologies & Academics: Do Students Use Mobile Technology in their Academic Lives and are Librarians Ready to Meet this New Challenge?, Angela Dresselhaus and Flora Shrode; Information Technology and Libraries Preprint

When Students Look Sleepy: Making Research Relevant and Demanding, K. Lundstrom and Erin Davis; LOEX of the West


Renew, Reflect, Rejoice: Immersion to the Rescue, Pamela N. Martin and Erin Davis; College & Research Libraries News


Identifying Significant Changes in Serials with Title Changes in the Recognition of New Works, Mavis B. Molto; Library Resources & Technical Services

Sudden Selector’s Guide to Biology Resources, Flora Shrode

Fundraising (and alternatives) in a tough economy, Michael Spooner; Annual Conference of the Association of American University Presses

The changing face of scholarly communication: Libraries and presses transform the book, Michael Spooner; International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The Stroke and the Song: A folk group experiences music as therapy, Michael Spooner; Presentation at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto Japan


Wittgensteinian Support for Domain Analysis in Classification, Andrew Wesolek; Library Philosophy and Practice



Blended Libraries: Becoming One Family, Cheryl Adams, Lori Brassaw, Angela Dresselhaus, and Betty Rozum; Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge


Library and University Press Integration: A New Vision for University Publishing, Richard W. Clement; Journal of Library Administration

We’re All in This Together: Solutions for Creative Staffing, Erin Davis and H. Blackburn; The Frugal Librarian: Thriving in Tough Economic Times


Creating Effective Staff Development Committees: A Case Study, Erin L. Davis and Kacy Lundstrom; New Library World


Librarian Perceptions and Information Literacy Instruction Models, Erin L. Davis, Kacy Lundstrom, and Pamela N. Martin; Reference Services Review

For-Credit vs. Course Integrated: What is the Best Method to Reach Students, Erin Davis, K. Lundstrom, and S. Jackson; Utah Library Association Conference


Teaching Use of Digital Primary Sources for K-12 Settings, Anne R. Diekema, Heather Leary, Sheri Haderlie, and Cheryl D. Walters; D-Lib Magazine

Co-authorship, the next Step in the Interdisciplinary Turn, Robert Heaton; Intermountain Graduate Conference, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID

Shakespeare and Student-Centered Teaching: Richard III as a Case Study, Robert Heaton; Wooden O Symposium, Utah Shakespeare Festival. Cedar City, UT

Re-framing information literacy: Problem-based learning as informed learning, Wendy Holliday, Anne Diekema, and Heather Leary; Library and Information Science Research


Teaching with graduate instructors: Tips for a successful partnership, Kacy Lundstrom; College & Research Library News


The impact of social marketing strategies on the information seeking behaviors of college students., Kacy Lundstrom and Lisa O'Connor; Reference and User Services Quarterly


Characteristics of Serial Title Changes and Recognition of New Serial Works: Theoretical and Practical Implications, Mavis B. Molto; Serials Review


Seeds of Change: Farm Organizations in Depression and Post-War Utah, Robert Parson, John W. Walters, and Emily Gurr-Thompson; Utah Historical Quarterly

Digital Publishing at Utah State University Press, Michael Spooner; Annual Conference of Computers and Writing Association


Mormon History Materials: Utah State University Special Collections & Archives, Cheryl D. Walters


What Library School Didn’t Teach You, A. Breznay, Erin Davis, C. Jensen, and A. Juarez; Utah Library Association Conference


Scribal Practice in the Beowulf Manuscript, Richard W. Clement

Walking a Mile Uphill Both Ways: Teaching Information Literacy with Les, Erin Davis and H. Blackburn; ACRL/LLAMA Joint Spring Virtual Institute

Librarians Just Need to Have Fun, Erin Davis, T. Doherty, P. Van Zandt, and F. Yates; American Library Assocation Conference

Information Literacy: Taking the ‘I’ out of Instruction, Erin Davis, J. Eshleman, S. Hinnefeld, T. McGregor, and J. Zamostny; LOEX Annual Conference

Information Literacy: Taking the ‘I’ out of Instruction, Erin Davis, J. Hinnefeld, T. McGregor, and J. Zamostny; LOEX Conference Proceedings


A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee, Erin L. Davis; American Library Association


Collaborative Copyright--or Copyright is Not Just a Library Issue, Jennifer Duncan, Susanne Clement, and Betty Rozum; Charleston Conference

Reconciling Fate and Fortune in Romeo and Juliet through Shakespeare's Use of Metatheatrical Devices, Robert Heaton; Reconciling fate and fortune in Romeo and Juliet through Shakespeare’s use of metatheatrical devices. Paper presented at the Intermountain Graduate Research Symposium, Utah State University, Logan, UT .

The Gospel of Mark and the Validity of Narratorial Omniscience as a Critical Term, Robert Heaton; Literature and the Sacred, a Special Meeting Sponsored by the Office for the Study of Christian Values in Literature, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

Instruction by the Numbers: Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning, W. Holliday, Erin Davis, and P. Martin; Library Data: Empowering Practice and Persuasion

Beulah Marie Dix, Wendy Holliday; Women Film Pioneers Sourcebook


From Active Learning to Activity: Getting Beyond Busy Work and into Deep Learning, Wendy Holliday; Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU)

Olga Petrova, Wendy Holliday; Women Film Pioneers Sourcebook


Reference Desk Consultation Assignment: An Exploratory Study of Students' Perceptions of Reference Service, Pamela N. Martin and Lezlie Park; Reference & User Services Quarterly


An Entrepreneurial Approach to Librarianship, Flora G. Shrode, Jennifer R. Duncan, and Wendy Holliday; ACRL/LLAMA Spring Virtual Institute


Mountain West Digital Library Dublin Core Application Profile, Utah Academic Library Consortium. Digitization Committee. Metadata Task Force and Cheryl D. Walters


Tools for Using and Organizing Online Resources to Enhance Reference and Instruction, Cheryl D. Walters, Anne Diekema, Heather Leary, and Sheri Haderlie; Utah Library Association Annual Conference