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The NASIG Newsletter (ISSN: 1542-3417) is an official publication of the North American Serials Interest Group. It is published continuously and features news, announcements, and reports of interest to the NASIG membership.

Copyright and Masthead

The NASIG Newsletter is copyright by the North American Serials Interest Group and NASIG encourages its widest use. In accordance with the U.S. Copyright Act's Fair Use provisions, readers may make a single copy of any of the work for reading, education, study, or research purposes. In addition, NASIG permits copying and circulation in any manner, provided that such circulation is done for free and the items are not re-sold in any way, whether for-profit or not-for-profit. Any reproduction for sale may only be done with the permission of the NASIG Board, with a request submitted to the current President of NASIG, under terms which will be set by the Board.

Committee Reports/Updates Location

Annual Mid-Year Updates
Archivist May Dec Mar/Sep
Awards and Recognition May Dec Mar/Sep
Bylaws May Dec Mar/Sep
Conference Planning Sep Mar May/Dec
Conference Proceedings May Dec Mar/Sep
Continuing Education May Dec Mar/Sep
Database and Directory May Dec Mar/Sep
Electronic Communications May Dec Mar/Sep
Evaluation and Assessment
Mar Sep May/Dec
Financial Development May Dec Mar/Sep
Membership Development May Dec Mar/Sep
Mentoring Group Sep Mar May/Dec
Newsletter May Dec Mar/Sep
Nominations and Elections May Dec Mar/Sep
Program Planning Sep Mar May/Dec
Pub/Public Relations May Dec Mar/Sep
Site Selection May Dec Mar/Sep
Student Outreach May Dec Mar/Sep


Regular Submissions (including President's Corner & Treasurer Report )

  • Feb. 1st 
  • April  1st 
  • Aug. 1st
  • Nov. 1st

Committee Annual reports

  • Apr. 1st
  • August 15th: CPC, PPC  & Mentoring 
  • December 1: E&A  

Committee Mid Year reports

  • Oct. 1st
  • April 1: E&A

Committee Updates (If needed for Midwinter or post conference business)

  • Jan 9th  
  • August 1st

Columns & Profiles

  • Feb. 15th
  • April 15th
  • August 15th
  • November 15th

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Interior ads are placed according to the mechanical production requirements for each issue.

Frequency Rates

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$3500 for a year long front-page ad

$1600 for a year long identical interior ad

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Issue Reservation Date Materials Date
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