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The Technology Teacher






International Technology and Engineering Educators Association

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The article presents information on a paper which discusses why engineering design should be the focus for technology education. Technology education is still viewed as a non-essential instructional program and this is because school administrators and counselors have inadequate understanding of it. Even general populace have inadequate understanding concerning technology education. The pervasiveness of technology literally affects every living creature in our society. Therefore, it is of critical importance that the educational system includes and supports the study of technology in the general curricula. The deficiency within the technology education profession to formulate a clear and defined target for the curriculum that has both an understood goal and value. According to the author by organizing the technology education high school curriculum around the study of engineering design, the goal of technological literacy can be attained. Engineering design is more understood and valued than technology education by the general populace and it elevates the field of technology education to higher academic and technological levels. It also provides a solid framework to design and organize curriculum.