Most Recent Additions


The Interaction of Rapidly Flowing Plasmas with Venus, Mars and Titan
Yingjuan Ma, C. T. Russell, Andrew Nagy, and G. Toth


Characterizing the Enceladus torus by its contribution to Saturn’s Magnetosphere
Ying-Dong Jia, H. Wei, C. Russell, K. Khurana, and R. Powell


3-D Modeling of the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Interaction in the Outer Solar System
Jared M. Bell, S. Bougher, H. Waite, Yingjuan Ma, and A. Egert


Simulation of the Magnetosphere- Ionosphere Connection at Saturn
Ingo Mueller-Wodarg, L. Moore, Xianzhe Jia, M. Galand, S. Miller, and M. Mendillo


Global Modeling of the Space Environments of Jupiter and Saturn
Xianzhe Jia, M. Kivelson, and T. Gombosi


Characterizing the V1 layer in the Venus ionosphere using VeRa observations from Venus Express
Zachary Girazian, P. Withers, K. Fallows, A. Tarrh, and M. Paetzold


Plasma wave observations with Cassini at Saturn
George B. Hospodarsky, J. D. Menietti, W. S. Kurth, D. A. Gurnett, A. M. Persoon, J. S. Leisner, T. F. Averkamp, O. Santolik, P. Louarn, P. Canu, and M. K. Dougherty

*Updated as of 12/19/14.