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Identifying the research needs of organic farmers, B. Baker and Douglas B. Jackson-Smith; Journal of Alternative Agriculture


Marginal Cost Pricing and Efficient Provision of Public Recreation, Steven E. Daniels; Journal of Leisure Research


Rethinking Dominant Use Management in the Forest-Planning Era, Steven E. Daniels; Environmental Law

Simulated Travel and Place Location Learning in a Computer Adventure Game, A. S. Forsyth, Jr. and David F. Lancy

The Message is the Medium: Studies of Computer Applications in School, David F. Lancy

Will Video Games Alter the Relationship Between Play and Development? , David F. Lancy

An After-School Program Utilizing Computers, David F. Lancy; A. S. Forsyth, Jr.; and L. L. Meeks


Industry/land-grant university relationships in transition, F. H. Buttel, M. Kenney, J. Kloppenburg, Douglas B. Jackson-Smith, and J. T. Cowan; The Agricultural Scientific Enterprise

Industry- University Relationships and the Land-Grant System, F. Buttel, H. M. Kenney, J. Kloppenburg, and Douglas B. Jackson-Smith; Agricultural Administration


Review of: "Investments in Forestry: Resources, Land Use, and Public Policy", Steven E. Daniels; Annals of Regional Science

The Impact of below Cost Timber Sales on Community Stability, Steven E. Daniels and B. J. Daniels; Western Wildlands


A Pen or a Bush Knife? School, Work and "Personal Investment" in Papua New Guinea, Alice Pomponio and David F. Lancy; Anthropology and Education Quarterly



Review of: "Public Lands and the U.S. Economy", Steven E. Daniels; The Annals of Regional Science

Cognitive Development in Autistic Children, G. Goldstein and David F. Lancy

Computer Adventure Games and the Development of Information Processing Skills, B. Hayes, David F. Lancy, and B. Evans

Using the Joystick as a Tool to Promote Intellectual Growth and Social Interaction, David F. Lancy, H. Cohen, B. Evans, N. Levine, and M. L. Nevin


Play in Anthropological Perspective , David F. Lancy


Cross-Cultural Studies in Cognition and Mathematics, David F. Lancy


Socio-Dramatic Play and the Acquisition of Occupational Roles, David F. Lancy

Some Missed Opportunities in Theories of Play, David F. Lancy

Using Non-Verbal Piagetian Tasks to Assess the Cognitive Development of Autistic Children, David F. Lancy and G. Golstein



The Indigenous Mathematics Project: An Overview, David F. Lancy; Educational Studies in Mathematics

Cultural Patterns and the Social Behavior of Children: Two Studies from Papua New Guinea, David F. Lancy and M. C. Madsen

Intra-Cultural Variation in Cognitive Development: Conservation of Length among the Imbonggu, David F. Lancy, R. J. Souviney, and V. Kada


"Making-Twos": Pairing as an Alternative to the Taxonomic Mode of Representation, David F. Lancy and Andrew J. Strathem; American Anthropologist

Cooperative and Competitive Behavior: Experiments Related to Ethnic Identity and Urbanization in Papua New Guinea, M. C. Madsen and David F. Lancy



Becoming a Blacksmith in Gbarngasuakwelle, David F. Lancy; Anthropology and Education Quarterly

Play in Species Adaptation, David F. Lancy

Some Observations on Technology and Education in Papua New Guinea, David F. Lancy

Speech Events in a West African Court, David F. Lancy

Work as Play: The Kpelle Case, David F. Lancy


Education Research 1976-1979: Reports and Essays, David F. Lancy

The Community School, David F. Lancy


The Classroom as Phenomenon, David F. Lancy

The Indigenous Mathematics Project, David F. Lancy


Studies of Memory in Culture, David F. Lancy

The Impact of the Modern World on Village Life: Gbarngasuakwelle, David F. Lancy


The Beliefs and Behaviors of Pupils in an Experimental School: Introduction and Overview; The Science Lab; School Setting, David F. Lancy

The Play Behavior of Kpelle Children During Rapid Cultural Change, David F. Lancy

The Anthropological Study of Play: Problems and Prospects, David F. Lancy and B. A. Tindall


The Social Organization of Learning: Initiation Rituals and Public Schools, David F. Lancy


Aggressive Display in the Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens), David F. Lancy