Modeling a Helical-coil Steam Generator in RELAP5- 3D for the Next Generation Nuclear Plant

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U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy

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Options for the primary heat transport loop heat exchangers for the Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) are currently being evaluated. A helical-coil steam generator is one heat-exchanger design under consideration. Helical-coil steam generators are preferred over other steam generators for their increased heat transfer and compactness. Safety and reliability are an integral part of the helical-coil steam generator evaluation for NGNP. Transient analysis plays a key role in evaluating the safety of steam generators. Operational transients, such as start up, shut down, and loss of coolant accidents, are transients of interest. The helical-coil steam generator is modeled using RELAP5-3D, an Idaho National Laboratory in-house code. The transient response of an exponential loss of pressure (simulating double-ended shear) in the primary side of the steam generator is simulated. The exponential loss of pressure models a break of the steam generator inlet pipe. This report details the development of the helical-coil steam generator model and the loss of pressure transient. Background on high temperature gas-cooled reactors and steam generators is provided to aid the reader in understanding the material presented. A detailed description of the RELAP5-3D helical-coil steam generator model is presented. An explanation is given of each of the RELAP5- 3D components used in modeling the steam generator. Also reported is the response of the steam generator primary and secondary systems to the exponential loss of primary pressure.

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