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Urban Development in East Asia and the Growth of Inchon

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This paper provides an overview of development strategies and historic growth patterns among major cities in industrialized countries. The papers objective is to identify patterns which may be repeated in the further growth and development of emerging urban centers, such as the Inchon metropolitan complex in Northeast Asia. Selected empirical results and conclusions drawn from recent published work in. regional/urban economics and development economics are synthesized. Topics addressed include: (i) contemporary development issues, strategies, and uncertainties; (ii) long-term growth patterns of cities in industrialized economies; (iii) impacts of agglomeration economies on growth and emergence of networks among major urban centers; and (iv) identification of significant interactions between regional and industrial development initiatives. A contemporary definition of economic development is applied in describing national, industry, and city-focused development strategies. The role of cities, urban-based agglomeration economies and intercity networks are described in terms of how they may influence economic growth and associated development impacts in larger urban centers. Linkages between national development strategies and those focused more narrowly on regions and urban-based infrastructure are described and evaluated. The paper concludes by listing open questions which appear to provide fruitful areas for further study.

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