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Pulpwood production in the North-Central Region, 1995


R.J. Piva

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Resource Bulletin North Central Forest Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service


No. NC-180

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ulpwood constitutes more than half the industrial timber products harvested annually in the Lake States (Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) and is an important product in the Central States (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri) and the Plains States (Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota).

Current detailed information about pulpwood production2 is necessary for intelligent plan- ning and decision making in wood procure- ment, forest resource management, forest industry development, and scientific studies.

Since 1979, we have included logs, bolts, and wood residue used in manufacturing flake board, wafer board, oriented strand board, and medium density fiberboard in this annual report. Engineered lumber was included in this report in 1992. Together, these products are called particleboards, and all mills manu- facturing these boards will be called particle- board mills in this paper. Wood used at particleboard mills is identical or nearly identical to wood used at pulp mills; therefore, including this wood in our study provides a more accurate estimate of demand for pulp- wood-like material.