Aspen Bibliography

Trends And Prospects For Use In Fiber Products

Richard J. Auchter, USDA Forest Service


About 85 percent of the operating pulpmills in the Lake States use some aspen. In recent years the aspen percentage has varied between 45 and 50 percent of all pulpwood use. Aspen has good credentials for use in fiber products. It is light colored, making its use for groundwood pulp attractive. It is readily pulped by any of the commercial processes, and is a raw material most often used in process developments because it is easily pulped. Aspen fiber morphology is excellent. The length-to-diameter ratio and the thin-to-medium-thick walled fibers are particularly suited to enhancing fine paper structure. Its low density is attractive to fiberboard production. The relative low yield per unit cost for aspen probably restricts potential expanded use.