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Nevada Bird Count: 2003 Status Report


Elisabeth Ammon

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Great Basin Bird ObservatoryOne East First St. #1007Reno, NV 89501ammon@gbbo.org


Great Basin Bird Observatory Technical Report No. 04-01

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The Nevada Bird Count (NBC) program was initiated in 2002 by implementing statewide, volunteer-based point count surveys of breeding landbirds. In May and June of 2002 and 2003, 228 bird species were recorded along 316 ten-point transects in fifteen distinct habitat types of Nevada. In this status report, basic abundance patterns among habitat types are discussed for 35 bird species identified as conservation priorities for Nevada. Results suggested that in some cases, even basic habitat associations of priority birds were slightly different than previously assumed for the Nevada region, demonstrating that quantitative measurement of bird-habitat use is needed as a first step in effective habitat conservation planning. Changes in habitat use across different climatic conditions, e.g. droughts and normal water years, need to be assessed as the program becomes implemented in the longer- term. Also, for some species, especially in the Mojave region of Nevada, additional data are needed to clarify habitat associations. The next two years of implementing the NBC program will focus on these objectives and on generating multi-species habitat suitability models for priority species associated with aspen, lowland riparian, mesquite-catclaw, sagebrush, and pinyon-juniper habitats.