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Landscape-Scale Dynamics of Aspen in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

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Sustaining aspen in western landscapes: symposium proceedings, June 3-15, 2000, Grand Junction, CO. Fort Collins, CO. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, 460 pp.


WD Shepperd, D Binkley, DL Bartos, TJ Stohlgren, and LG Eskew compilers


Proceedings RMRS-P-18

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Past studies of quaking aspen in Rocky Mountain National Park suggested that the aspen population is declining due to intensive browsing by elk (Cervus elaphus). These studies were conducted in the elk winter range, an area of intensive elk impact. The elk summer range experiences less intense grazing pressure. We tested the hypothesis that impacts of elk would be greater in the elk winter range than the summer range with landscape-scale data from the Park. The detrimental effects of elk on aspen are highly localized and, at larger spatial scales, elk browsing does not seem to be influencing the aspen population.