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Lake States Aspen Report No. 14




U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Lake States Forest Experiment Station

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Although the use of hardwoods for pulp and paper manufacture has increased considerably during recent years in the Lake States, the pulpwood consumed in this region consists largely of softwood species of which about one quarter is obtained from foreign sources. The wood resource, on the other hand, is comprised to a large extent of hardwoods, predominantly aspen, with the maples, oaks, and several other species available in lesser amounts. The present stand of aspen in the Lake States is estimated at nearly 20 million acres with a total volume of merchantable timber of about 32 1/2 million cords. The present use of approximately 440 thousand cords of aspen as pulpwood is relatively small in comparison to the allowable annual drain of over 2 million cords (1, 2) .2/ Though the use of softwood pulpwood in the Lake States will undoubtedly continue to be highly important, the potentialities of aspen as pulp and paper-making materials are such that its utilization for these purposes may readily be increased to a volume considerably greater than at present. Such an expanded use, however, would require not only an increase in production by present methods but the development of modified and new processes, modified paper formulas, some new products, and possibly the manufacture of some products not now manufactured extensively in the Lake States. Some of these will be discussed herein.