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Lake States Aspen Report No. 7




U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Lake States Forest Experiment Station

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The clear wood of aspen has inherent properties of merit. Several of these properties are familiar to a large proportion of the general public, for some of the common types of matches are made of this wood. The requirements of wood for matches are exacting in that the wood must combine straightness of grain, ease of splitting, ease of working, and toughness To meet such rigid requirements, a wood must be suitable for other uses as well. The fact that aspen is not used more widely for other purposes lies not in the wood itself but in other factors, such as cost, distribution of stand, and availability in desired sizes and grades. Cost, demand, and harvesting and marketing practices change as conditions change. The fact that in the past some of these factors have been adverse to the utilization of aspen stands does not mean that the wood cannot be used more widely now and in the future at a reasonable cost and without sacrifice of the quality of the product.