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Rocky Mountain Research Station General Technical Report RMRS-GTR-261WWW


U.S. Department of Agriculture

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Our objective is to provide site-specific fire and forest histories from Utah and eastern Nevada that can be used for land management or additional research. We systematically sampled fire scars and tree-recruitment dates across broad gradients in elevation and forest type at 13 sites in Utah and 1 in eastern Nevada to characterize spatial and temporal variation in historical fire regimes as well as forest structure and composition. We collected similar data non-systematically at five additional sites in Utah. These 19 sites include a broad range of forest types (from pinyon-juniper woodlands to spruce-fir forests) and fire regime types. In this report, we summarize local-scale spatial and temporal variation with site-specific details of historical fire regimes and forests that will be useful for local natural resource and fire management of the individual sites. For each site, we report topography, chronologies of fire and tree recruitment, and properties derived from those chronologies such as time-averaged fire regime parameters (mean fire interval and fire severity) and changes in forest composition and structure that have occurred since the late 1800s.