Aspen Bibliography

Aspen Bibliography

As the most widespread tree species in North America, Quaking Aspen systems provide an array of natural resource products and uses. Often among the most biologically diverse systems in a given landscape, the condition of aspen forests affects the status of numerous floral and faunal associates. Concern over the health, sustainability, aesthetics, and economic value of aspen has spawned a large body of literature in both basic and applied research. The Aspen Bibliography, sponsored by the Quinney Natural Resources Research Library and housed at Merrill-Cazier Library on the Utah State University campus, provides a comprehensive and searchable database of published and unpublished aspen references. Your feedback and participation in updating this database is important to us. If there are items you are aware of related to aspen ecology that are not found in this database, please contact the Aspen Bibliography administrator at with the citation or mail a hardcopy of the document to Aspen Bibliography - Quinney Library, 5260 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322. All information is provided as is. While every effort is being made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date, errors may occur. Also, we provide many links to external web sites. Sometimes the links provided are moved or removed creating a broken link. If you think you have discovered a broken link or an error please notify us at

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