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Bolm. Zool. Univ. S. Paulo



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he production of males in Nannotrigona (Scapto-trigona) postica and some related aspects were investigated, and the results show that the extrinsic factors, such as temperature and precipitation, through their importance in flowering and subsequent increase in the availability of honey and pollen do not immediately determine high colony productivity and production of males. The data also suggest an absence of queen inhibition in the ovarian development of the workers, and that male production, occurs irrespective of the queen's physiological age. It is possible that many other intrinsic factors, such as high populational density of the colony (probably a consequence of favorable conditions for storage of pollen and honey) are more important in determining male production, since colonies presenting a low populational density do not produce males, although the ovaries of the workers are always developed. Besides, the production of males seems to be related to workers oviposition, due to the relationship between the occurrence of males and brood cells containing more than one egg for each cell in the same colony.

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