A. Bellevoye

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Bull. Soc. Metz



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Bellevoye found a nest inside of a workshop of a friend. This shop was up against the side of the house and had many windows like an artists studio. However, the side opposite the entrance was closed off with boards over which were placed lathes of a few oms. width. The bee had gained entrance through some crevice which was not found, since the windows had not been opened in several years. The bee had built her ##### masonry nest in a crack until a corner was met. Then the bee started another row on top of the first which was less regular and a third row, still less regular on that one. Some parts of the nest were made of yellow earth and others of black earth. Bellevoye did not observe the bee building the nest (and says he has never before observed a muraria nest), therefore, he quotes a description of the activities of this be given by Victor Rendu who took his description from the works of Reaumur and Duhamel. He bought the nest# home and placed them in a southern exposure to reproduce the conditions from which they were taken. On May 28 many small parasites (Monodontomerus####### nitidus) emerged. He collected more than 3 hundred of these. He then obtained males and females of the bees (from June 14 to July 8). The owner of the workshop, while repairing the keyhole, found four empty cocoons of C. muraria in the keyhole. In the spring Bellevoye found in a corner of the shop a leaf-nest of some Megachile. This nest was terminated by a earthen nest of Chalicodoma. The Megachile had evidently not finished her nest and the Chalicodoma had taken over the site. The Megachile nest was pierced by small holes, giving evidence that some parasite had ruined the nest.

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