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Arq. Inst. Biol., São Paulo





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PRESERVATION OF BATKOA SP. AND FURIA SP. (ENTOMOPHTHORALES )DRY MYCELIUM WITH COMBINATIONS OF DESICCANTS AND OXYGEN REDUCERS. Formulation is the most difficult part of Entomophthorales development as biopesticides and bioacaricides, and has caused difficulty in evaluating the Batkoa sp. and Furia sp. for the control of the cercopids Mahanarva fimbriolata and Deois schach, pests of sugar-cane and pastures. A technique for producing dry mycelium of Entomophthorales was previously developed to allow for field use of these fungi, but pathogen preservation (shelf life) was not satisfactory. Due to these difficulties, the research reported here aimed to evaluate the effect of combinations of two desiccants (silica and glycerol) with two oxygen reducers (vacuum and Ageless® ZPT-200) on the preservation of dry mycelium of Batkoa sp. and Furia sp. under temperatures of 3o C and 23o C. The combination of silica + Ageless® extends the survival of these two fungi formulated as dry mycelium for 90 days, stored at 3o C and 23o C. The use of vacuum to reduce oxygen does not extend the survival of these fungi, even in association with desiccants. Storage at 3o C causes a slight decrease in growth potential of Batkoa sp., but it extends fungus survival for 90 days, independent of other treatments.

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