Sphecidae and Pompilidae collected by Mr. K.M. Guichard in West Africa and Ethiopia

George Arnold


Black. Face and clypeus with silvery pubescence. Thorax with a scanty yellowish-grey pubescence, the spinotum also with a sparse pilosity of the same colour. Wings hyaline, the veins ochreous. Tergites 1-4 with apical fasciae of grey pubescence, the seventh tergite with silvery. Vertex and Dorsum of the thorax very finely reticulate-punctate. Sternites not quite dull, very finely punctured, the second, third, and fourth with a thin greyish pubescence, more abundant on the apical margins, forming fasciae. Anterior margin of the clypeus produced into a very short lobe over the median fourth. Galea shorter than the scape.