Ecological guidelines for land use and management

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Contribution to Book

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Applying Ecological Principles to Land Management


V.H. Dale, R.A. Haeuber

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This volume applies ecological principles and guidelines to understand past and current land use and land management; and more importantly, endeavors to promote more ecologically sound approaches to future land use and management decisions. The volume incorporates case studies from a wide variety of disciplines and perspectives. The case studies explore past and current land use decisions, on both public and private lands, and include practical approaches and tools for land-use decision-making. Perhaps the most important feature of the book is the linking of ecological theory and principle with applied land use decision-making - the theoretical and empirical are joined through concrete case studies of actual land use decision-making processes. In this volume, readers will find a statement of fundamental ecological principles that are relevant for land use planning and management, coupled with multiple in-depth explorations of the application of these principles in action. In addition, most case studies describe specific tools and approaches for incorporating endeavors to join fundamental ecological knowledge with cutting edge application in order to both educate and provide concrete guidance for decision-making.

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