Methods and techniques that are capable of meeting the very stringent calibration precision and accuracy requirements of climate change measurement and modeling programs, and calibration results for sensors designed to achieve climate-quality measurement results.

Session Chair: Berit Ahlers, European Space Agency (ESA)


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Wednesday, August 24th
12:05 PM

Climate Absolute Radiance and Refractivity Observatory (CLARREO) Pathfinder Mission: Status Overview

Yolanda L. Shea, NASA Langley Research Center
R. R. Baize, NASA Langley Research Center
G. A. Fleming, NASA Langley Research Center
D. Johnson, NASA Langley Research Center
C. Lukashin, NASA Langley Research Center
M. Mlynczak, NASA Langley Research Center
K. Thome, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
B. A. Wielicki, NASA Langley Research Center

12:05 PM

Thursday, August 25th
11:10 AM

Best Practice Guidelines for Post-launch Testing of Radiometric Performance of Multichannel Optical Sensors - To Achieve and Maintain On Orbit SI Traceability

Raju Datla, NOAA Afifiliate, Earth Resources Technology, Inc.
Xiaoxiong Xiong, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
James Butler, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Michael Weinreb, Riverside Technology, Inc.
Francis Padula, GeoThinkTank LLC
Aaron Pearlman, Earth Resources Technology, Inc.
Manik Bali
Boryana Efremova, Earth Resources Technology, Inc. (ERT)
Changyong Cao, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/NESDIS/STAR
Xiangqian Wu, NOAA/NESDIS/Center for Satellite Application and Research (STAR)

11:10 AM