Examining small satellite payload calibration, testing processes, and methods, including accuracy and precision, to discover ways to reduce cost and schedule while still meeting mission requirements.

Session Chair: Sandra Collins, Ball Aerospace


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Tuesday, August 23rd
2:05 PM

Carbon Nanotube Flat Plate Blackbody Calibrator

Sandra Collins, Ball Aerospace
John Fleming, Ball Aerospace
Beth Kelsic, Ball Aerospace
Bevin Staple, Ball Aerospace

2:05 PM

2:30 PM

The Cubesat Multispectral Observation System (CUMULOS)

David Ardila, The Aerospace Corporation
Dee Pack, The Aerospace Corporation

2:30 PM

2:55 PM

Calibration Considerations for a Reduced-timeline Optimized Approach for VNIR Earth Orbiting Satellites

Zachary Bergen, USU/Space Dynamics Laboratory

2:55 PM