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Zubair Barkat and Kirsten Vinyeta


Utah State University

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.


Our understanding of multispecies justice is still solidifying. In spring 2023, a group of Utah State University undergraduate and graduate students attended a course by Dr.Kirsten Vinyeta on Multispecies Justice and Indigenous Approaches to the Environment. Throughout this course, we studied the works of scholars and writers from a variety of social locations and identities who challenge Western theoretical frameworks in social science.

This publication celebrates our intellectual struggle with this emerging field and opens a forum for conversations about justice for humans and additional species. This issue features various writings, reflections, and photos from students taking the Multispecies Justice and Indigenous Approaches to the Environment course. Children of students and faculty also contributed artwork with multispecies elements. We would like to thank all contributors for making this publication possible. We thank Dr. Jessica Schad for her wise guidance. Our special thanks to the Community and Natural Resources Institute (CANRI) for funding the publication of this booklet.


Funding Sources: Community and Natural Resources Institute