An Evaluation of Automated Electric Transportation Deployment Strategies: Discreetvs. Organic

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Proceedings of the 2011 Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress


Intelligent Transport Systems

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This paper proposes a deployment path for automated vehicles, arguing for an evolutionary process of discreet deployment where fully functioning systems are developed from the ground up in areas with the greatest opportunity and expand to become interconnected. This is an alternative to the organic deployment strategies developed during work on the Automated Highway Systems (AHS) program, whereby the technology progresses over time from manual driving to full automation. This paper compares the two approaches, arguing that organic deployment is fundamentally hampered by institutional hurdles and the difficulty of encouraging the large-scale adoption necessary to achieve the most significant benefits of automation, including increased lane capacity and vehicle speed. Discrete deployment is an especially attractive scenario for Automated Electric Transportation (AET), and different communities could develop different forms of AET, varying vehicle and service types to suit its particular needs.

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