Cells and Materials


The hypertrophic scar, a consequence of deep surface injury, is peculiar to humankind. Subcutaneous implants of these tissues in nude mice provide a quasi - animal model for experimental use. An efficacious treatment to promote acceleration of maturation of the hypertrophic scar is controlled topical pressure produced by flexible dacron fabric wraps. Implants in the nude mouse provide a model for study of the effects of pressure. Preliminary results indicate that those implants in nude mice, responding favorably to pressure jackets, show changes consistent with those previously obtained in human studies. The collagen matrix shows reduced density and parallel layering of collagen fascicles. Fibroblast cells, endothelial cells and pericytes show degenerative changes attributed to the effects of pressure treatment. Thus, pressure jackets properly applied to nude mice over hypertrophic scar implants constitute a model for the study of the effects of pressure therapy on the model of implants in the nude mice for the study of the dynamics of the hypertrophic scar.