Cells and Materials


The collagen fiber component of pulp, dentine and cementum, has been studied by isolating it from the inorganic component and the organic non-collagen matrix. This study was carried out on healthy molar and premolar adult teeth. Following demineralization all of the non-collagenous components of the tooth were removed by sequential treatment with H202, with different concentrations of trypsin and with EDTA. The transmission (TEM) and scanning (SEM) electron microscopy investigation confirmed that such a technique is an accurate method for isolating the collagen fibers while preserving their position and their ultrastructure in the dental tissue. The use of TEM and SEM in the observation of homogeneous samples provided further information regarding the structural characteristics of the collagen fiber network of dental tissues. Our main concern was the characterization of interodontoblastic fibers and the different distribution and arrangement of collagen fibers in different dental zones.