Cells and Materials


This paper reviews studies performed by this laboratory involving the macrophage response to implant particles. Through the development of a tissue culture model, we have studied the events which occur following macrophage phagocytosis of bone cement particles, the released mediators and cell interactions which may ultimately lead to bone resorption, and the inhibition of this process with the use of pharmaceutical agents. This is divided into the following sections: Histologic response of macrophages to cement particles I toxicity I and mediator release, the effects of particle size and composition on mediator release by macrophages, macrophage I osteoblast interactions, macrophage I osteoblast I osteoclast interactions, the role of tumor necrosis factor alpha in particulate induced bone resorption, mechanisms of cellular recruitment in aseptic loosening, macrophage I osteoblast coculture model, titanium, pharmaceutical inhibition of particulate induced bone resorption, and work by other investigators using the macrophage model.