Cells and Materials


Three Pd-Cu-Ga dental alloys with very similar nominal compositions and dendritic as-cast microstructures were selected for study: Option (Ney Dental) and Spartan (Williams/lvoclar) contain a small amount of boron, while Spartan Plus (Williams/Ivoclar) is boron-free. Bars of each alloy were tested in tension for the as-cast and simulated porcelain-firing conditions, and values of mechanical properties were measured. Fracture surfaces and microstructures of axially sectioned and etched fracture specimens were observed with the scanning electron microscope (SEM). Except for the elastic modulus, significant differences were typically found in alloy properties. Heat treatment eliminated the dendritic microstructure, decreased strength and increased ductility. Values of mechanical properties depend on the presence (orientation and distribution) of dendrites but not boron content. The amounts of casting porosity in the samples were too small to affect their mechanical properties significantly.