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Poster Session

On the 26th May, the poster session featured the following poster stands:

  • “Parent Management Training – The Oregon Model (PMTO): Influences of implementing a Community Model to prevent and treat Behavioral Problems” (Margrét Sigmarsdóttir and Edda Vikar Guðmundsdóttir, Iceland)
  • “Implementation of Parent Management Training – Oregon model (PMTO) in Iceland: Building Sustained Fidelity” (Margrét Sigmarsdóttir and Edda Vikar Guðmundsdóttir, Iceland)
  • “Process of transforming Criando con Amor: Promoviendo Armonía y Superación / PMTO materials into CAPAS: Mexico” (Nancy Amador Buenabad, Mexico) PDF
  • “Building, Sustaining, Evaluating and Growing PMTO in Michigan” (Connie Conklin, Luann Gray and Cheryl Greer, USA) PDF
  • ”The Evolution of PMTO from Infancy and Beyond” (Margaret Lathrop and Jon Baker, USA) PDF
  • “ISII Workshop Materials” (Kelly Bryson, USA) PDF
  • “FIMP Central: Using Technology to Ensure Fidelity as PMTO Goes Global” (Will Phillips, USA) PDF
  • “Father-infant interactions with sons and daughters in a Norwegian sample" (Kristin Nordahl, Norway)
  • "PMTO in Sami" (Olaf Trosten and Elin Thue Berg, Norway) PDF
  • "PMTO in Denmark" (Gert Lykke Pedersen, Denmark) PDF1   PDF2

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