, Volume 90, Issue 6, pp 791-802

Physical Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Pectin Containing Sunflower Wax

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The aim of this study is to investigate the physical properties of aqueous solutions of pectin (PA) containing sunflower wax (SFW), which are used as a basis for producing edible films. The stability and the rheological and microstructural characteristics of SFW/PA mixtures were evaluated. SFW/PA mixtures formed oil-in-water emulsions that were milky and opaque in appearance and were stable towards phase separation. Polarized micrographs revealed the presence of wax crystals, whose size decreased as pectin concentration increased. The rheological behavior of the aqueous solutions of pectin containing different amounts of SFW were best described by the generalized power law model of Herschel–Bulkley (H–B), which gave the best fit in all the range of shear rate values. Apparent viscosities and yield stress were determined using this model, and both properties increased with increasing pectin content. The apparent viscosity values were between 0.0095 and 0.1031 Pa s. SFW addition resulted in a small decrease in viscosity for emulsions formulated with 1 and 2 % PA, but the opposite effect was observed for emulsions formulated with 3 % PA. In addition, shear stress values were higher for emulsions with higher PA content, but were not affected by SFW addition.