Online Lectures for Organic Chemistry, Semester 2

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In this collection of videos, Dr. Mike Christiansen from Utah State University will take you through a series of lectures covering second-semester sophomore organic chemistry. In this series, I'll teach you (using slides, animations, HUMOR, and very EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND, STRAIGHTFORWARD language) everything you could possible want to know about:

• Electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions
• The Acidity of substituted benzenes
• IUPAC naming of carboxylic acid derivatives
• Reactions of carbonyl compounds
• Reactions of aldehydes and ketones
• Enolate reactions
• Oxidation and reduction reactions
• Amine chemistry
• Carbohydrate chemistry
• Protein (amino acid) chemistry
• Catalysis
• The chemistry of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA)
• And much, MUCH more!