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Frontiers in Microbiology

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Frontiers Research Foundation



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Distribution of energy during the growth and formation of useful chemicals by microorganisms can define the overall performance of a biotechnological system. However, to date, this distribution has not been used to reliably predict growth characteristics of phototrophic microorganisms. The presented research addresses this application by estimating the photon-associated Gibbs energy delivered for the photoheterotrophic growth of purple non-sulfur bacteria and production of dihydrogen. The approach is successfully evaluated with the data from a fed-batch growth of Rhodopseudomonas palustris nifA∗ fixing N2 gas in phototrophic conditions and a reliable prediction of growth characteristics is demonstrated. Additionally, literature-available experimental data is collected and used for evaluation of the presented thermodynamic approach to predict photoheterotrophic growth yields. A proposed thermodynamic framework with modification to account for the phototrophic growth can be used to predict growth rates in broader environmental niches and to assess the possibility for the development of novel biotechnological applications in light-induced biological systems.



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