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The Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) describes the physical, biological, social, and economic resources that would be potentially affected by leasing of the Iron Point and Elk Creek Coal Lease tracts as well as issuing an exploration license for an area within and surrounding the Iron Point Coal Lease Tract. The federal decisions to be made involve the approval or disapproval of coal leasing (the Iron Point and Elk Creek tracts) and of an exploration license. Some of the key issues for these proposed actions include: the potential effects of transporting over 19 million tons of coal per year from the North Fork Valley on the Union Pacific Railroad, the effects of increased highway traffic on State Highway 133; the potential effects to the integrity of watersheds and irrigation facilities within and surrounding the lease tracts, the effects to the local social and economic structure of Delta and Gunnison counties, and the cumulative effects of coal exploration and mining activities.


Agency: USDA Agency: USDI Agency: Forest Service Agency: BLM