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American Journal of Audiology


American Speech Language Hearing Association

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Purpose: To investigate parent goals, questions, and challenges that emerged during coaching phone calls in an eHealth program designed to provide education and support for hearing aid management.

Methods: Coaching phone calls were audio-recorded, transcribed and qualitatively analyzed for emergent themes within the categories of goals, questions, and challenges.

Results: Emergent themes revealed parent goals were focused on self-efficacy, routines, device care and child development. Emergent themes for questions revealed parents asked questions related to the device care, audiology appointments, confirmation of learning, and child development. For challenges emergent themes revealed parents’ own struggles (e.g., with emotions), issues related to working with their audiologist, child factors and anticipated challenges.

Conclusion: The eHealth intervention allowed parents to raise questions and discuss their challenges in a supportive environment. Supportive accountability helped participants identify and address barriers to hearing aid management based on their priorities and current challenges. Providing supplemental learning support, in addition to routine audiology visits, can help parents develop more effective hearing aid management routines.