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Zinc deficiency can limit growth, especially on soils with low organic matter and high pH. Chelated Zn fertilizers maximize Zn bioavailability. We sought to determine the effectiveness of soil-applied GOLD’n GRO 9-0-1 + 7% Zn, a chelated Zn source, to reverse or prevent Zn deficiency. GOLD’n GRO was applied at 0 to 30 quarts per acre in a high pH soil. Controls included columns treated with ammonium-nitrogen at the same level as the highest GOLD’n GRO treatment. Plants treated with GOLD’n GRO had twice the dry mass, were greener, and had increased zinc levels in the plant tissue compared to the untreated control plants. A follow-up study will evaluate lower concentrations of GOLD’nGRO and will determine the effectiveness of unchelated, inorganic zinc sulfate.