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The Gary Milton Smith Papers, (1965-1988) (USU Special Collections)


Gary Smith

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The Gary Milton Smith Collection consists of papers collected and/or written by him. The papers cover roughly the time period between 1965 and 1988. The Smith papers included newspaper clippings, articles, letters to and from various organization or government offices, and transcripts for documentary films in which Smith took part. The music and lyrics for his songs are also among Smith's papers. There are résumés and financial records from both Smith's personal and business (Windsinger Enterprise) life. Manuals and employee information from his work in the National Forest Service and the military are also included in these papers. The collection also contains cassette tapes with recorded interviews, radio programs, telephone conversation, etc.

The Smith collection is notable for the documentation on environement issues from Smith's life such as Kaiparowits, the Salmon River Wilderness Area, and the Escalante Wilderness Area. There is also documentation on wildlife access for disabled persons. Smith's papers also provide information on life in Cache Valley, especially on religious issues. His papers include general religious information from the area, as well as religious freedom issues and religious discrimination cases.

Many of the letters and other papers lack specific dates. The collection is organized alphabetically in files and at times chronoligically. Financial papers, class notes, and cassettes are located at the end of the collection. The first part contains most of his personal papers and clippings regarding environmental and religious issues. Researchers interested in viewing photographs taken by Gary Smith should see USU Special Collections & Archives; PO106: The Gary Smith Photograph Collection.


This collection available via USU Special Collections.