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A Multiple-System, Multichannel Diffusion Denuder Sampler for the Determination of Fine-Particulate Organic Material in the Atmosphere

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Measurement of the loss of semi-volatile organic compounds from particles collected with a filter is carried out by comparing the amounts collected by comparable filter pack and diffusion denuder samplers. The sorbents used to collect organic compounds in the denuder and sorbent filters must have the same efficiency for collection of all gas-phase organic compounds present. Interpretation of the data requires that the efficiency of collection of gas-phase compounds by the denuder be known. In theory this can be accomplished by determination of the deposition pattern of all organic compounds collected in the denuder, but in practice this is very difficult if the organic material consists of a wide variety of compounds. An alternative approach is to determine the breakthrough of organic compounds in a sampler with a particle-collection filter preceding the denuder and sorbent filter. In such a sampler only ps-phase organic material enters the denuder. We have developed both a multi-channel parallel plate diffusion denuder sampler and a comparable sampler in which the denuder is preceded by a filter. Samples can be collected with the multi-system sampler at a flow rate of 35 sLpm. The denuder surfaces and the sorbent filters are made from sheets of an activated charcoal-impregnated filter paper. Collection of semi-volatile compounds by the samplers has been characterized and the systems have been field tested. The samplers are now being used for the routine collection and determination of semi-volatile organic compounds in particles at Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah. Available data from this field program show significant losses of particulate organic compounds on a quartz filter due to volatilization during sampling.


Publisher: Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd

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