The Carbon County Ball Fields

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Journal of Natural Resources Life Science Education




American Society of Agronomy

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Poor soil conditions, poor construction techniques, intense foot traffic, and limited budget often make it difficult to maintain a quality turfgrass cover on many municipal athletic fields. The Carbon County Ball Field complex was built in 1978 in Price, UT. During construction, the highly saline and shallow soil was severely compacted. By 1998, the turfgrass quality had deteriorated to the point where two of the fields were unplayable. Those responsible for the maintenance of the field tried numerous remedies, all of which failed. Roy Phillips, the county extension educator, was consulted about the condition of the fields. Mr.Phillips sought advice from Dr. Jeff Andersen, the Utah state extension turf specialist. Dr. Andersen agreed that the fields needed improvement and focused on the issues of salinity, compaction, drainage, and proper irrigation. This case was designed for use in an advanced turfgrass management course, and has proven tobe useful in applying management options for an athletic field, especially when considering the typically high pH, saline conditions, and soils of the arid West. The students are asked to make recommendations that Dr. Andersen should present to the county commissioner and city officials. Recommendations should involve agronomic solutions that take into account the physical, economic, and social realities of the situation.

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