Digital Folklore Project 2014

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Messy Musing

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Web trends; Field notes and observation data posted in Canvas discussion; discussion of limited data that is found and collected; professional vs.. personal; Know Your Meme editor choices; What is meaningful on the internet; social justice; gender issues; generation (time period) of digital expression; discussion of the power academic appraisal and the DFP board

Additional Files

10.1 (Know Your Meme_ Internet Meme Database).pdf (228 kB), search term "narcissism"

10.2 (Selfie _ Know Your Meme).pdf (1634 kB) "selfie"

10.3 (Time Magazine Cover_ Me Me Me Generation _ Know Your Meme).pdf (759 kB) "Time Magazine Cover: Me, Me, Me Generation"

10.4 (Pretty Girls, Ugly Faces _ Know Your Meme).pdf (1140 kB) "Pretty Girls, Ugly Faces"

10.5 (Bae Caught Me Sleepin).pdf (486 kB) "Caught Me Sleeping/ Bae Caught Me Slippin"

10.6 (Know Your Meme_ Internet Meme Database).pdf (347 kB) Search results "controversy year:2013"

10.7 (Justice Porn _ Know Your Meme).pdf (639 kB) "Justice Porn"

10.8 (Know Your Meme_ Internet Meme Database).pdf (341 kB) Search Results "Cringe"

10.9 (FAIL _ Know Your Meme).pdf (775 kB) "Fail"

10.10 (Best Memes of 2013_ Editorial Choices _ Know Your Meme).pdf (746 kB) "Best Memes of 2013: Editorial Choices"

10.11 (What We're Really Afraid Of When We Call Someone _Basic_).pdf (726 kB)
Buzzfeed: "What We’re Really Afraid Of When We Call Someone 'Basic'

10.12 (UD Basic Bitch).pdf (443 kB)
Urban Dictionary: "Basic Bitch"

10.13 (The United States of Basic Bitches_ A Map and Field Guide).pdf (106 kB)
Jezebel: "The United States of Basic Bitches: a Map and Field Guide"

10.14 (College Humor Basic Bitch).pdf (54 kB)
YouTube: "How to Tell if You're a Basic Bitch"