Parameter Estimation for the Two-Parameter Weibull Distribution


Mark A. Neilsen

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Department of Statistics, Brigham Young University


The Weibull distribution, an extreme value distribution, is frequently used to model survival, reliability, wind speed, and other data. One reason for this is its flexibility; it can mimic various distributions like the exponential or normal. The two-parameter Weibull has a shape (γ) and scale (β) parameter. Parameter estimation has been an ongoing search to find efficient, unbiased, and minimal variance estimators. Through data analysis and simulation studies, the following three methods of estimation will be discussed and compared: maximum likelihood estimation (MLE), method of moments estimation (MME), and median rank regression (MRR). The analysis of wind speed data from the TW Daniels Experimental Forest are used for this study to test the performance and flexibility of the Weibull distribution.