Effects of Temperature and Stratification on the Germination of Several Rocky Mountain Coniferous Seeds

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This thesis attempts to determine the effect of different tem­peratures and stratification treatments on the germination of coniferous tree seeds of the Rocky Mountain region, specifically seeds of Abies, Pseudotsuga, Picea, Pinus, and Juniperus. Researchers have investigated germination problems of various coniferous trees in the past. In fact, Stone (1957) has stated: …more words have been published on tree seed dormancy and germination than on any other aspect of tree physiology. However, most of the effort has been directed toward de­veloping recipes for the "green thumb" artisans rather than toward the elucidation of the physiological mechanisms in­volved. Furthermore, a large proportion of the work has been carried on with poor temperature control and often at only one temperature, because it was convenient to do so. Apparently the germination problem needs further investigation, espe­cially of the influence of temperature. This study of the germinating behavior of coniferous seeds as affected by different ranges of tem­peratures and by different periods of stratification attempts in shall measure to fill the need.


This item is a thesis published by a student who attended Utah State University. Abstract can be accessed through the remote link. Fulltext not available online.

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