System Considerations for the Lithium Niobate Photonic Switching Technology

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Photonic switching: Proceedings of the First Topical Meeting


T. K. Gustafson & P. W. Smith



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This book is a collection of papers presented at the First Topical Meeting on Photonic Switching, which was held in March 1987 in conjunction with the Second Topical Meeting on Optical Computing. More than 500 scientists attended these meetings - a measure of the growing worldwide interest in optical techniques for switching and signal processing. The goal of the photonic switching meeting was to provide a forum for the presentation of original papers on devices and architectures suitable for switching, multiplexing or routing of optical signals. A further intention was to foster the interaction between two groups that have a commmon interest in exploring possible applications of photonic switching technology: people working on optical switching devices and components, and people working on future switching systems and networks. The contributions in the first part are on subjects of broad interest and point out some of the practical problems that must be solved if optical switching and signal-processing techniques are to be widely adopted. The remaining papers give a good indication of the current state of the art. They illustrate the wide variety of materials and devices that are now being investigated and the wide variety of systems applications that are envisaged. It is clear that much progress must be made before photonic switching can have a major impact, but given the high level of interest and activity, that time may be soon.


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