The simulation of automaticladar sensor control during flight operations using USU LadarSIM software

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LaserRadar Technology and Applications XI



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USU LadarSIM Release 2.0 is a ladar simulator that has the ability to feed high-level mission scripts into a processor that automatically generates scan commands during flight simulations. The scan generation depends on specified flight trajectories and scenes consisting of terrain and targets. The scenes and trajectories can either consist of simulated or actual data. The first modeling step produces an outline of scan footprints in xyz space. Once mission goals have been analyzed and it is determined that the scan footprints are appropriately distributed or placed, specific scans can then be chosen for the generation of complete radiometry-based range images and point clouds. The simulation is capable of quickly modeling ray-trace geometry associated with (1) various focal plane arrays and scanner configurations and (2) various scene and trajectories associated with particular maneuvers or missions.

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