A New Guard-Band Call Admission Control Policy Based on Acceptance Factor for Wireless Cellular Networks

Asadur Rahman, Khulna University
Mohammad Arif Hossain, Kookmin University
Shakil Ahmed, Utah State University
Mostafa Zaman Chowdhury, Khulna University


Utilization of limited resources and quality of service (QoS) improvement are the major concerns for wireless communication networks. Excessive call blocking is a constraint to attain the desired QoS. In cellular network, as the traffic arrival rate increases, new call blocking probability (CBP) increases considerably. Paying profound concern, we have proposed a guard-band call admission control policy that reduces the new call blocking probability with approximately steady handover call dropping probability (CDP) that ensures QoS. Our proposed scheme introduces the acceptance factor in specific guard channels where new calls get access according to the acceptance factor. The analytical results prove better performances than the conventional new-call bounding scheme and fractional guard channel (FGC) policy.