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Water Resources Planning and Management Course - University of Texas at Austin

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Course Syllabus

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Fall 10-1-2016


This course will provide the student an introduction to the planning, design, and operation of water resources systems using mathematical optimization methods and models. The student will learn to apply basic economic analysis (engineering economic and microeconomic analysis) and operations research techniques (linear and nonlinear dynamic programming) and will apply them to various water resource allocation problems.

Topics include:

  • Planning and management issues; institutional objectives and constraints; identifying and evaluating design and management alternatives; role of modeling and its advantages and limitations.
  • Economic Analysis: Examples illustrating how engineering and micro economic analysis are used in water resources infrastructure planning and management.
  • Optimization Modeling: Examples illustrating various types of models, solution methods and applications to water resources infrastructure planning and management.
  • Methods for Multiple-purpose River Basin Planning.