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Fall 2014


Present modern computer-aided tools of systems analysis to planning, design, and operation of water resource systems. Topics covered include: optimal operation of multipurpose reservoir systems; optimal flood control system operations; coordinated unit commitment in hydropower systems; optimal multicrop allocation of seasonal and intraseasonal irrigation water; risk-based design of stochastic reservoir operating policies; economic evaluation of integrated design of water storage and conveyance systems; optimal conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater; optimal reservoir operations for water quality management; and optimal investment timing and selection of water resource projects. Several case studies are presented for river basins in the U.S., Dominican Republic, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, and Korea. Systems analysis tools studied include dynamic programming, stochastic optimization, network flow optimization, genetic algorithms, neural networks, agent-based reinforcement learning methods, multiobjective optimization, and fuzzy optimization. Course taught at Colorado State University.