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Fall 2013


Water Resources Planning course taught by Richard Palmer offered in Fall 2013 at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Course materials include lecture slides on specified topics (.ppt and .pdf) and 8 exercises:

Exercise 1 - Fairweather planning (Exer1-2013.pdf)

Exercise 2 - Developing a team (Exer2-2013.pdf)

Exercise 3 - Problems, Opportunities, and Goals Revisited (Exer3-2013.pdf)

Exercise 4 - Defining the Status Quo (Exer4-2013.pdf)

Exercise 5 - Shared Vision Models (Exer5-2013.pdf)

Exercise 6 - Formulating Alternative Plans (Exer6-2013.pdf)

Exercise 7 - Measures of Performance (Exer7-2013.pdf)

Exercise 8 - Selecting Among Alternatives (Exer8-2013.pdf)

Materials also include an example student final report (NOFAWAC_FINAL-Planning Report.pdf)